“Implementing A World Class Safety Culture” Part I

World Class Safety Culture

Leadership FIT Tool™

  • FIT (Focused Intervention (Injury) Technique)
  • Targeted workshop for the management ranks
  • Provides a high level understanding of culture and its impact on safety performance
  • Participants move from issue identification to leadership commitments that improve the safety culture of their organizations

“Implementing A World Class Safety Culture” Part II

Implementing A World Class Safety Culture

Grassroots Safety Culture Action Planning Workshop™

  • Targeted workshop for frontline employees
  • Features user-friendly concepts and interactive tools to help participants understand culture and its impact on safety performance
  • Task teams are formed to address cultural issues that undermine safety performance

Culture Change Tools

Culture Change Tools

Included in Part I & II

  • Historical Path™- How safety culture evolved historically to become a critical element in incident prevention.
  • Stew and Broth™- Safety excellence requires a strong, positive safety culture as well as good safety programs.
  • Culture Iceberg® – Helps identify the cultural norms that support or undermine established policies and procedures.
  • Leadership FIT Tool for Safety Culture Change™- FIT stands for Focused Intervention (Injury) Technique. Tool to help leadership engage the safety culture to impact injury types and commit to effective preventive actions.
  • Safety Imaging®- Technique for visualizing What If scenarios — either before or after the fact — and exploring their hazard potential.